Welcome to IKII 2.0 - where nothing will ever be the same again!

Before anything, a big shout-out to all our IKII fans, who have been spreading your love for IKII, giving useful feedbacks and checking on us. Your strong support is what will help shape the future of smart traveling.

After an intense period of upgrading, we are thrilled and excited to introduce to you the UPGRADED IKII 2.0 luggage, that will come at a MORE AFFORDABLE pricing thanks to a PRE-ORDER MODEL.

So what’s in IKII 2.0?

Just to name a few:

Hinomoto wheels.
Yes, the Japanese name is a no-surprise! The 360-degree Hinomoto spinner wheel is the personification of “Japanese craftsmanship” - the ultimate equivalence of reliability, quality and endurance. Being ultra-smooth, ultra-durable and ultra-quiet, it is a fitting seen only with some of the biggest brand names in the market. it is a fitting seen only with some of the biggest brand names in the market.

Luggage brake.
Many have put up with the inconvenience of a luggage that goes astray while they want it still. We don’t! We want your hands freed while traveling on public transport, your legs rested firmly on the luggage while unwinding during a long transit, and your mind be fully in the present. So now, IKII 2.0 features a luggage brake system which can be triggered easily, giving you extra peace of mind while on the go.

Higher intelligence.
We have received so many positive comments from our IKII 1.0 customers regarding the tech features. We want to live up to and surpass that expectations! With IKII 2.0, you will enjoy more accurate smart weighing, more secured Bluetooth lock, and more sensitive proximity sensing.

Premium spec.
While we think this should go without saying, we know many of our customers take comfort in knowing that our luggage pieces come with polycarbonate shell, well-known for its strength and durability. Every component is fabricated, crafted and assembled together with meticulous craftsmanship. In short, our luggage is built to last.

Why Pre-Order?

At IKII, we keep it at the core of our vision to make smart traveling accessible to everyone. We are constantly thinking of ways to provide better, for less. And the pre-order business model is our answer to this quest - where you would pay up to 30% less, for a delayed gratification.

After a comprehensive market research, we notice that more than 90% of the travelers book their trips up to 3 months in advance. This would fit perfectly well with our pre-order business model, where customers should get their IKII luggage delivered to doorstep within 6-8 weeks from the date of pre-ordering.

The diagram below illustrates well how the pre-order business model works, where extra saving is made possible by slashing the inventory cost. That is built on top of our e-commerce, direct-to-consumer approach which also maximizes saving for you, by eliminating any middlemen mark-ups, and that also allows us a higher margin for continued improvement of product qualities.

IKII’s Pre-order Luggage
IKII’s Luggage
Other’s Luggage
lower price
higher price
production cost  
warehouse cost  
retail's mark up  
  production cost
  warehouse cost
  retail's mark up

We will have several openings for pre-order throughout the year, and for this round of opening is on 30 September 2019 and the closing date is on 13 October 2019 (14 days). If you book during this period, you should get your IKII 2.0 luggage delivered to you between 4 - 7 November 2019.