The Carry-On 20'

SGD 229

Limited Edition
The Carry-on (20”): The ultimate carry-on sized to fit into the overhead cabin of any aircraft, and perfect for short trips or lightweight traveling.
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IKII Smart Luggages are not only designed with superior physics and aesthetics, but also technologies of the 21st century. Incorporated therein are integrated scale, proximity alert and a Bluetooth locking mechanism, which can be controlled via an IKII app installed on a smart phone.

The Smart Weighing allows you to check luggage weight simply by lifting up the luggage.

The Smart Lock allows locking and unlocking the luggage without the use of a key nor the need to remember a passcode.

The Smart Alert is activated when you're distance away from your luggage.
  • Durable hard-shell & lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • TSA-approved Bluetooth lock
  • Intelligent handle with an integrated weighing mechanism
  • Four pairs of ultra-smooth Japanesee Hinomoto 360° spinner wheel
  • Strong, multi-stage & ergonomic trolley handle made of aluminum
  • Water resistant reverse leather zip
  • Brake system with a simple trigger mechanism
  • Detachable nylon laundry bag
  • 50/50 split with mesh zipper on both sides
  • 2 zipped pockets on one of the mesh zippers
  • Premium polyester lining
  • Measurement 56.5cm X 35.5cm X 23cm
  • Weight 3.1kg
  • Capacity 38L
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